Do you want access to high-level professionals in a variety of real estate disciplines? Would you like to be one of the first to know about new projects? As the real estate business continues to evolve in complexity, networking has remained the key to success.

Fort Worth CREW has approximately 100 real estate related professionals that provide a variety of services. More than 75% of CREW members have received or given a referral from or to another member! Our luncheons and networking events are renowned for high profile topics which further participants’ knowledge of existing projects. Events have included a Christmas Party at the penthouse suite of the Tower, networking at Montgomery Plaza, Neil P., Leddy’s Ranch, discussions on So. 7, Edwards Ranch, mineral rights, the new Cowboy’s Stadium, and AllianceTexas.

   Affiliation with CREW leads to:

  • Direct access to high-level professionals in all major markets across the U.S., Toronto, and Montreal, Canada
  • Increase in business opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Media exposure opportunities
  • Leadership training, opportunities, experience
  • Discounts for annual convention and UPS shipping
  • Support, fun, and friendships!

   Minimum qualifications for individual membership are:

  • Six months experience in a qualified field of commercial real estate for Associate Membership and 
  • 5 years for Full Membership; and
  • Current involvement in a professional, full-time position in commercial real estate or in a position that relates to commercial real estate

Qualified fields include accounting, administration, advertising, appraisal, architecture, asset management, construction, consulting, corporate real estate, development, engineering, finance, institutional lending, interior design/space planning, insurance, investments, journalism, law, leasing, market research, marketing, mortgage banking/brokerage, personnel, property management, public relations, public service/agency, sales/brokerage, syndication, title/escrow services, and others as approved by the Board of Directors.

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